About “Watashi” and “Jikaku”


(Watashi is a Japanese word usually translated as ” I ” in English, but here it is used in a much broader sense.)

Watashi needs to be differentiated from I.

Watashi doesn’t point to anything in particular.

Watashi includes all: personality, ego, small self (individual self), big self (true self), etc.

They are all Watashi.

When you define Watashi, your growth will stop momentarily.

Watashi is everything. It is beyond anything you can think of.

When you start getting to know Watashi, you will start walking on the path that leads to all.

Shall we practice together and get to know Watashi?



(Jikaku means “getting to know yourself” in Japanese. It is self-consciousness or recognizing what is happening in you)

Jikaku means paying attention to Watashi (in and from which sadness, joy, and everything are being born, that Watashi).

Watashi is always here, unchanging.

Through the practice of Jikaku (recognizing what is happening in you), you will be able to get to know greater Watashi (that is, being present even here and now).

Then at that moment, you will be awakened.